Support Local Bookstores


Brick and mortar independently owned and operated bookstores, as we all have surely heard by now, are being threatened by huge chains and online retailers. I’m a huge proponent of small businesses, having owned one for over a dozen years, and I believe these local bookstores (and all small businesses) are important to the communities in which they operate – for tax reasons, diversity, and culture, to name a few.

The people who own these stores do so for many reasons. One such reason is they love books. Or why would they open a bookstore? Of all the small business opportunities, why would they choose books?

So if you love to read, then these are your people.  There’s a built-in community of like-minded folks right in your neighborhood. I’ve been to bookstores all over the country, and most of them are vibrant, friendly, well-managed stores with staff who want to help you find a book you’ll love. They support local authors, independent authors, book clubs, community activities, and the like. These are your friends and neighbors.

Skip purchasing your next book online. Browse the local bookstore nearest you. Touch the books. Feel the pages. Talk to the staff. Get involved in the reading community surrounding you.

Notice in the text above how many times the word community is used. The love of reading is a common union between readers, as well as between readers and writers. We should all stick together, support one another. If there’s a local bookstore you especially like, send me the name and link through social media. I’ll check it out and possibly add it here to this page. If there’s a writer you especially like, support him/her, buy the books. Join together in promoting writing, reading, and supporting the community of people who enjoy both.

Here are two of my favorite stores right now:

To find the nearest independent bookstore to you, check out IndieBound.