Unfinished - Front - Book Cover

UNFINISHED is a book of poems by author Chris Wendel.

But it’s not a complete book of poems.  Actually, it is.  It’s just not a book of finished poems.  They’re all incomplete, and he wants to write with you.  Chris has poems in UNFINISHED that are two lines long and some that are 20 lines long.  All of them are incomplete.  Write with Chris by completing the poems in a journal-prompt-like fashion.

Some of the poems talk of mythological creatures, good vs. evil, and Satan, while others talk of life advice, love, heartache, and self-examination.  Chris has poured many personal thoughts into these poems.

The Introduction to the book explains:

Throughout the course of the last year, a very trying time for me personally, I wrote many two to 10 lines of a text in poem/lyric style, and I never went back to complete them.  I knew at the time these lines of text were simply my way of dealing with the many emotions I had during a life-changing year.  However, when my life and world had settled, I began wondering how I would complete these poems/lyrics.  How would I reconnect with that moment when they were first written down?  Did I want to reconnect with that moment?    

I realized these poems could have a thousand different endings, just like life.  With that realization I figured out what I wanted to do with these poems.

I am submitting the contents of this book to you.  Close the poems/lyrics however you see fit.  The pages herein are designed for you to write in the book.  If you play an instrument, set the poems/lyrics to music.  Give these texts titles.  Give them life—a life I could never dream to give them. 

All I ask is you take a picture of the final product you create and email it to me or upload it to my Facebook or Twitter feeds.  If you create a song with them, video it or record it.  Email me, add it to my feeds as well.  Just give us both writing credit.  Let’s create something together.  Whatever you do with it, just get it to me.  I’d like to share them with the world.

Together we can write any ending we want.


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